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If you are considering a cosmetic injectable treatment, it’s natural to have some questions

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Injectable Institute Australia have answered your most common questions below. For anything else specific or otherwise, please contact us. One of our helpful consultants will be happy to assist.

Cosmetic injectables are generally safe for most candidates of both genders. However, treatments are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and for people with some medical conditions such as Myasthenia gravis, Eaton-Lambert syndrome and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Our skilled consultants will complete comprehensive suitability checks before any first or recurring treatment.

Cosmetic injectables enhance the natural beauty and reduce the visible signs of ageing, helping restore a full, youthful, and radiant appearance. However, they cannot change the face structure. Our helpful consultants will honestly discuss the results that be can realistically expected to be achieved.

The consultation is normally completed prior to commencing the procedure. However, in the event the consultant flags any medical conditions which may prohibit undergoing the procedure, a short wait will be required while obtaining the go-ahead from the medical staff. If there are any concerns regarding the treatment in question, candidates are encouraged to discuss them during the consultation session. Candidates are also welcomed to book an obligation-free consultation before choosing whether to proceed with treatment.

Cosmetic injectables deliver visible results without permanently changing your facial structure. While each person is different, results typically last for 12 – 14 weeks. As fillers metabolise at different rates, our consultants can estimate a timeframe based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cosmetic injectable procedures require no downtime so candidates can go straight back to their pre-appointment activities. However, it is recommended to avoid alcohol, strenuous exercise and any activities that could elevate blood pressure for at least 24 hours. Most importantly candidates must hydrate and avoid touching the injected area to minimise the risk of infection and of destabilising the fillers under the skin. The nurse will advise of any further requirements to follow post procedure if necessary.

Injectable Institute Australia clinics are located throughout Sydney and on the NSW South and Central coasts. Please refer IIA clinics location map for a convenient location closer to you.

Cosmetic injectable procedures involve possible side-effects and potential risks which are thoroughly detailed and clarified in the consent form the candidate receives prior undergoing any treatment. Some of these side effects are transient headache, swelling, bruising, pain during injection, twitching, itching, numbness, asymmetry (unevenness), temporary dropping of the eyelids or eyebrow. In rare cases, the injection may not yield the expected outcomes or last for the usual duration. It is noteworthy that substances such as herbal medications, vitamin E, aspirin, motrin, coumadin, other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, fish oil and blood thinners increase the risk of bruising.

The consultant will further disclose and discuss any theoretical risk of unknown complications which is relevant to the candidate and type of procedure.

Some treatments such as Anti-wrinkle procedure can be completed in one session, while other treatment like Dermal procedure requires multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. The consultant will outline the treatment plan during your consultation.

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